Who is the program for:


Police Officers

Fire Fighter


Our Troops


Homes for Heroes, Here How It Works:

With the Homes for Heroes Foundation there are no forms to fill out.  You must be working with a Homes for Heroes Affiliate.  Here is how the finances look with a typical local sale of $400,000:

Homes for Heroes Realtor Rebate:                   $2,500

Homes for Heroes Lender Discount:                 $   800

Homes for Heroes Title Company Discount:  $   160


Our Relationship to the Program:

The Homes for Heroes Foundation has an Affiliate relationship with William Karchere and Jeff Grossarth of Platinum Property Realty (203-442-6017), and Manny Gomes of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage (203-673-2131).


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My Story

My Dad was a 20 year veteran in the US Navy.  He served in both World War II and the Korean Conflict.  As his son we relocated around the country depending on his orders.  At one time I was in three schools within one year.  As a child we lived on the Guantanamo Naval Base and learned Spanish before I learned English.  He would be quickly deployed overseas and was stationed on a ship for sometimes six months at a time.  My mother, sister and I would find ourselves alone in a strange area without family, friends or even a clue as to where my school was.  My Uncle, his brother was a Commander in the US Navy and served in WWII as well.  My best friend is a Vietnam veteran who flew over sixty missions in a gun ship operating a 50 caliber machine gun supporting ground troops.  He suffers from exposure to agent orange to this day, but lived to tell his story after being shot down on three separate occasions.

Our true American Heroes are the most under-appreciated single group of citizens.  These are the same people who put themselves in harm’s way to keep us

all safe.  The Homes for Heroes Foundation delivers immediate financial benefit to those who need it.  In the memory of my Father, my Uncle and best friend this is my way of showing my own personal appreciation and giving back.